Katharine Burdekin. Swastika Night. 1937.

Katharine Burdekin. Swastika Night by Murray Constantine. London: Gollancz, 1937.

Swastika Night is a landmark feminist science fiction novel, set seven hundred years after a Nazi conquest of Europe, where Hitler is worshipped as an Aryan god, all written evidence of the past has been eradicated, and the Jews have been exterminated. Women are kept only as breeding animals, and are deemed to be without souls or intellectual capacity. Some science fiction authors wrote with clarity and prescience about the state of the world in the late 1930s.

The novel was published under a pseudonym, and only in the 1980s did scholar Daphne Patai identify the author as Katharine Burdekin (1896-1963).

The Gollancz file copy, in the rare dust jacket.

No. 26.