When They Came



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When They Came
[2], [x], 222, [6] pp
[Upper Montclair, New Jersey]
Temporary Culture
First edition, trade issue, one of 500 copies
Pictorial wrappers. As new

Collection of short fantastical stories, many with a Lovecraftian touch.

“Don Webb is a genius. He’s not widely appreciated. There are some things mankind was not meant to know.” — Bruce Sterling

“Several are genuinely brilliant […] The miracle of When They Came is its exuberance […] light begins to shine, griffins scream, the world is different.” — John Clute, in Interzone

“This concise, sharp volume is a great introduction to Webb’s fiction for the reader unfamiliar with his work and a welcome reminder of his talent for the rest of us.” — Jeff VanderMeer, Locus Online

Souvenirs from a Damnation
The Shiny Surface
Ool Athag (Crossroads, 2004)
Mission to Monnat
The Jest of Yig (Weird Tales 322, Winter 2001)
The Agony Man (Forbidden Acts, 1995)
The Sound of a Door Opening (The Starry Wisdom. A Tribute to H. P. Lovecraft, 1994)
The Lamp; The Heart of the Matter (Monsters from Memphis, 1997)
The Prophecies at Newfane Asylum (Interzone, March 2000)
It Sounded Angular (Wetbones, Spring 1997)
The Yellow Flower; Pig (Horror Garage 3, October 2001)
The Fourth Man
The Collector
The Flower Man
The Idiot God (Noctulpa 7, 1993)
When They Came
The Skull : A History; Key to the Mysteries (Eldritch Tales 6:1, 1989)
Meeting the Messenger (Realms of Fantasy, June 1998)
A Little Night Music (as “Serenade at the End of Time.” The Last Continent. New Tales of Zothique, 1999)
The Source and the Stone